Your flexible spine - is your good health, gorgeous posture, young look, long life!
World novelty - fundamentally new spine exerciser fitness machine
"Freespine"-  has no analogue!
Nothing similar you can find in fitness clubs!
It is biokinetic cross training machine to work out the musculoskeletal system.
Exercising with the Freespine machine effectively restores flexibility in the spine, provides a good prophylaxis of the back pain, can help to fight such spine problems like scoliosis, spondylosis, ankylosing spondylitis and other problems caused by lack of motions of the spine. 
It is universal fitness machine for total body workout and for good physical wellbeing.
The Freespine is necessary for everybody
who want to have a healthy spine and better (health related) quality of life!
Spine exerciserBackbone exerciserBack pain exercise
Freespine is patented in the UK, USA, China and other countries.
Awarded a Bronze Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.
Once only you feel a physical pleasure working out your spinal column with the Freespine
machine, and you will want again & again to stretch and relax your back 
and raise the tone of the whole your body swaying on the Freespine
Not one fitness machine can provide such list
of fitness and health benefits
like Freespine does:
Provides exercise diversity & total body workout
Makes your Spine flexible 
Aligning the Core Muscles' imbalance
Decompressing the Vertebral Disks
No Impact and Pain on your Joints
Restores natural coordination of arms and legs movements.
Provides better effect than swimming
Reduced rate of perceived exertion
Good Cardio effect
Individual training load 
10 min with the Freespine = 1 hour with the Pilates
Noise free operation
Minimal maintenance
The design of the Freespine does not allow to bend or to twist your backbone excessively and damage it – the exercising are carried out smooth, with natural trajectory and within safe diapason, this is good condition to work out the spine safely and thoroughly.
And what is very essential for rehabilitation – it is rate of motions - about 30-60 strides per minute.In other words, by walking and running with the Freespine with around 60 steps per minute we work out the spinal column muscles and joints and the vertebral discs in the most favourable for metabolism pace, which cannot be achieved with any other fitness machine or by performing separate exercises for the spine consistently.
During the training sessions with the Freespine, the spinal column bones & joins, muscles & ligaments gradually take their natural pain free mutual position, which prevents most common back problems.  
When you are exercising natural motions in the beneficial for the spine horizontal position, the human brain works much more effectively than any common computer program to find the body balance and solve the individual’s specific problem.
Please see how young man avoided surgical operation
for intervertebral herniated disk:  
Freespine for SPORT
Your lower back is where all your body movements and sport efforts are concentrated.
About 20 percent of young sport enthusiasts develop some form of lower back problems.
Triple Benefit for Athletes:
·         Speedy and effective warming up of your entire core muscles and joints prior to any sport activity.
·         Works out and strengthens your lower back for heavy training load.
·         Freespine also is good fitness machine to relax your backbone and core muscles after hard training session.
Essential Benefits for Golf, Tennis & Cricket players
The tennis, golf, cricket involve a swinging action that works one side of the body more than the other and such asymmetric physical load on the core muscles cause the spinal muscles’ imbalance, poor posture and back pain.
However with the Freespine you can efficiently improve and keep your core muscles balance, prevent lower back pain and get rid of slouching.  Clinical tests reveal a tendency of levelling up the balance of the spinal column muscles even after the first single training session with the Freespine
What is more, the Freespine machine strengthens your arm, shoulder, chest and core muscles – for the perfect shot.


Well known fact: the BACK PAIN is our PAYMENT for upright posture.
Why not to rid of this PAINment  by work out your spine in natural horizontal position!
Practice shows: this works! And gives excellent results!
Do you want to:  
- Improve your spine flexibility & your spine function?
- Stretch & straighten your spine?  
- Balance your spinal column muscles?
- Decompress your vertebral discs?  
- Strengthen your backbone & prevent your back pain?  
Are you short on time to go to the gym?  
Do you prefer to workout entire your body 
and raise your body tone within 5-10 minutes?
The Freespine is the ultimate solution for you!
 Do not lose your time!  Invest in your and your family health!
Buy the Freespine now! 
Do not put off your healthy life!