We bring to life a new concept,
new philosophy of the human body total workout.
With the Freespine fitness machine we have launched life improving new range of fitness machines
 -  the Spine Exercisers to keep vertebral discs elastic and backbone flexible  by natural exercising the Spinal Column in 3 dimensions.
The invention is based on results of a comparative analysis of the structure of skeleton, muscular system and biomechanics of the human body and four-legged vertebrates.
Researchers show that a human skeleton construction is well adapted for motion with the spine in the horizontal position and the backbone biokinematics operate better moving in free horizontal position based on "four legs". We discovered that exercising in such position engages all vital muscle groups, inclusive of deep muscles of the spine, improves of your spinal column muscles imbalance, increases backbone flexibility, provides lower back and core strengthening and much more benefits.
Several modifications of the Spine Exercisers range have been designed, created and tested, we have 15 patents granted worldwide.  While developing our first model the FREESPINE fitness machine we were guided by the next main principles:
It should be simple in construction, operation and maintenance and designed directly for training of muscles and joints of the spinal column.
Our first machine - the FREESPINE forms its own specific niche in the fitness industry – it is fitness machine to workout the spinal column muscles and joints in 3 dimensions.
It is absolutely new exerciser:
- New body position
- New type of motions
- New philosophy, new approach to human body total exercising, where the main subject to dynamic exercise is the spinal column – our main base where all our efforts concentrates when we are in action.
We are now proud to introduce a unique range of spine exerciser products to the fitness market.  We invite you to try the first one - our award winning FREESPINE. 
Meanwhile, we are continuing our research with the development of the Spine Stretcher and Spine Twister (Patents granted).