1. How Freespine stretches and aligns the Spinal Column?
• Handgrips are located higher than the foot rests,which ensures
  that the user's spine is on the optimum and comfortable angle to the horizon. 
• The spine is freely suspended on the limbs and takes naturally relaxed «S»-shape.
• Thoracic and lumbar discs are relaxed and free of the weight of the user.
• Sacral spine discs L4 and L5 are relaxed and somewhat stretched.
• The deep spinal muscles are slightly stretched. 
back pain exercise
•  Freespine aligns your Spine from the first step. 
In the initial position the user's shoulder joints are positioned horizontally and hip joints are positioned horizontally – this aligns the spine around the longitudinal axis (see pictures below).
backbone pain exercise
• The user's chest is slightly stretched and his shoulders are straightened.
• Hanging down viscera provides favorable conditions for intensification of the blood circulation and metabolism in the pelvic area and in the area of deep muscles of the spine and nerve roots.
2. How Freespine provides total body work out and  
     how it works out of the spine in 3 dimensions??
• With Freespine you will exercise all main muscle groups simultaneously: muscles of the arms and legs, shoulders, abdomen, chest muscles, and the muscles and joints of the spinal column including the deep muscles.
• Exercising restores a natural coordination of motions, strengthens vestibular apparatus and improves the sense of dynamic balance.
• It is much easier than you would grabble on the floor as baby, and you feel an extraordinary sense, like swimming or walking in the air!  
• It is really fun, safe and easy way to keep your spine supple and healthy! 
           The Freespine provides two basic types of motions: WALKING and RUNNING
• The user performing WALKING motions bends and stretches the rib cage and the vertebral column right and left in the horizontal plane: 
...and simultaneously cyclically twists the spinal column around the longitudinal axis:
• Swinging legs provide massage of viscera, activate blood circulation and metabolism in the area of nerve roots and in stagnant area of lower abdomen - this significantly raises the user’s body general tone. 
• The user performing RUNNING motions bends and stretches the rib cage and spinal column up and down in the vertical plane: 
backbone pain exercise machinespine exerciser machine
Today Freespine is the only fitness machine that has a dual-action function and in a complex works out muscle-agonists and muscles-antagonists of the spinal column and of the entire body, alternately straining, relaxing and stretching the anterior, posterior and cross muscles (or rather myofascial chains) of the trainee's body.
• All main groups of muscles of the body are engaged in the exercising.
• Alternately work the body's rear groups of  muscles ( or posterior chain of muscles)  
and front groups of  muscles and muscles of the shoulder, arms and legs.
• The posterior chain is simply the backside of your body and its primary muscles include
the erector spine muscles, gluteus maximus (glutes), hamstrings, and calves. 
This area is usually neglected, and therefore often causes problems
which you can effectively eliminate with Freespine fitness machine.
• The front groups of muscles include abdominal and chest muscles,
diaphragm muscles, psoas and quadratus lumborum muscles (deep muscles). 
3. How Freespine decompresses  Vertebral Discs? 
•  The working muscles and ligaments of the spinal column activate the metabolism of fluids and nutrients in the tissues of the spine.
• When you exercise with the Freespine, you cyclically squeeze and stretch your vertebral disks and this, along with the rise of blood circulation and metabolism, provides an imbibition of the vertebral discs helps to keep them elastic and favors a stronger and more flexible vertebral column. These squeezing and stretching are going from side to side and around the discs, when you combine running and walking movements. This process of stretching and relaxing of the disks acts like a “pump” to get fluid and nutrition into the vertebral discs thus provides a good hydration of vertebral discs.    
• This "pump" can provide the most productive works in a certain range of frequencies only.  The most favourable frequency of compression of the vertebral disc is set by the Nature - around 60 cycles per minute.
In other words, by walking and running on the Freespine with around 60 steps per minute we work out the vertebral discs in the most favourable for metabolism pace, which cannot be achieved by performing separate exercises for the spine consistently. 
Earth gravity and our sedentary life style constantly keep our vertebral discs under pressure and lack of metabolism. 
This leads to disc desiccation and as result the disc can degenerate. 
You vitally need to exercise your spine and “pump” fluid and nutrition into the vertebral discs regularly!
4. Is it possible to fight Scoliosis with the Freespine?
Freespine has good therapeutic potential in the hands of clever practitioner.  
Firstly, with Freespine you can effectively align the spinal muscles' Imbalance: the user naturally distributes the training load evenly on the muscles of the both sides of the spine by maintaining body balance whilst exercising with the Freespine. Clinical researches show a tendency of levelling up of the spinal muscles imbalance even after the first training session with the FreeSpine, and 5-7 sessions give significant improvement of the spinal muscles balance.  It is great for scoliosis prophylaxis. 
Secondly, the design of the Freespine allows to set the longitudinal distance between the hand and legs supports on each side separately.
For example, if we increase the distance between the hand and legs supports on the right side - respectively the training load on the right side muscles of the spine will be increased and the left side muscles will work less.
 And on the contrary, increasing the distance between the supports on the left side we will increase the training load to the left side of the spine, and right side muscles will work less. 
The muscles' intension or stretching during such exercising going on with essential particularities which we can discuss with practitioners only.
core stretching exercisespine stretching exercisercore strengthening exercisebackbone stretching exercise
5 .Is the Freespine safe fitness machine?
Yes, it is. 
It is equipped with a safety belt which prevents you from falling back if you lose balance and prevents you from falling down if you exceed the distance between supports.
Besides, the design of the Freespine does not allow you to bend or twist your backbone excessively and damage it – all motions are carried out smooth, with natural trajectory and within safe, necessary and sufficient diapason. 
6.  Is there benefits for disables?
Yes there is. For people with prosthetic legs - Freespine is probably the only fitness machine which can provide for them the spine and total body work out.  
Because with the Freespine you can work out your disabled legs by efforts of your hands.
So you can work out your spine and whole your body by efforts of your hands. 
7. Can I use the Freespine if I have a lower back pain?
Consult your doctor first if you have a lower back problem.
Not all back problems can be resolved by exercises!
You can use the Freespine if you are able to crawl by floor on your fours. 
Detailed information about how to use the Freespine if you have a back pain we can send on request.
      For additional information please contact us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.