Nicola Cantrell, Chicago, USA

All ingenious is simple!
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Regularly workout your spine and rid of pain, it is fun & easy with the FREESPINE.
Second year I enjoy freespine. I completely forgot about my back pain!
Freespine machine is actually like a biokinetic therapist for whole our family for unlimited time.  

Jim Ackerman, Birmingham, UK

Freespine looks simple, it is not another "state of art" furniture from the fitness industry giants, it’s much better!
You can’t imagine how  good is this machine unless you try it.
Relaxing position, no pressure on your lower back, no impact on your joints, easy and smooth motions, 5-10 minutes of great physical pleasure with this machine and your body toned for whole day.  Total body workout in 10 minutes only!  Amazing!

Oleg Sharipov, Riga

 I had back pain almost every day and could not lift any heavy objects.
After I started using freespine the pain reduced in the first few days and after a week or two has gone completely.
I used the exerciser around 3 times a week, 2-3 times for 10 minutes.
At first it was a little hard to exercise, but after about second or third training session I have adapted on the exerciser and now feel that it’s very easy to use!
Thanks to this exerciser I forgot what a back pain is, so I would definitely recommend it to those who still suffer. 

Larry Wright, Ontario, Canada

I'm sure that you are aware, most of your customers must be suffering from back pain.  I suffer often, especially when doing anything physical, such as collecting the packages and assembling the machine.  I was in severe pain by the end of the assembly but was happy to notice that the pain was reduced after only one day of doing the exercises.  I find now (it has been a few days) that most of my pain is coming from muscles that I have not had to work in a long time, such as my wrists, forearms and neck/shoulder area.  I think this is all good though.  My stamina on the machine has improved from around 3 minutes per session to 8:30 this morning.  Once my moving parts get accustomed to the extra work, I am confident that my spine will be much improved and I will be able to get more active in sports again.

Terry Fox, Ireland

"I use the spine exerciser Freespine  twice a week, about 25 mins training session. 
My motivation to use the Freespine is:
I find it better than most other forms of exercise and its non impact and good for my back.
Using the Freespine I lost 1 stone and feel fitter."

Yuriy, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

My first impression.
Yesterday evening I have assembled the Freespine machine - the procedure wasn’t complicated.
I had one trial session with the Freespine within 4 - 5 minutes, it was surprisingly smooth and easy to exercise,  it was like effortlessly gliding through the air, I felt no physical workload, however I was hot, although it was in the cold room.
The next day my back, abdomen, shoulder, arm and leg muscles ached as after workout in the gym. And it was just 5 minutes of light workout on Freespine!
 I decided to follow the recommendation for beginners: not more than 5 - 10 minutes in the morning and 5 - 10 minutes in the evening  within the first couple of weeks.

Jim and Mercedes, Los Angeles

I, Jim, rarely experience backbone pain, so using the Freespine has primarily resulted in improving my flexibility and awareness at 66 years old.  What I particularly notice is that my ability to rotate my spine and look about has improved in all movement.  I tend to use the Freespine and then take a walk afterwards as this amplifies changes in my nervous system.   What the Freespine has also helped me notice (with Mercedes pointing it out) is that I tend to not let my head be released.  By letting my head and neck move more freely up-down and left-right with the rest of my body results in feeling less tension in my upper body.  
We continue to be impressed with the Freespine.  Mercedes injured L3-L4 about a year and a half ago - 5MM bulge - so she is enjoying the Freespine machine movements and they are making her feel better - less than a week using it.  Yesterday she did a 130lbs deadlift at the gym among other exercises.  Before she would tend to twist her torso to achieve moving the weight.  Now she is getting the movement from the ground  and it is going up and through her body. This is really good.
We are  confident that your invention will return Mercedes' spinal injury back to normal - and further improve the co-ordination of her torso with her legs.  I am enjoying using it, too.
I, Mercedes, really like your machine.  For the first few weeks of my using it, I got a little bored and didn’t think there was much difference from swimming.  But after some other reading online, I realized there is a huge distinction between the Freespine and swimming = gravity.  That realization (and feeling safe with the Freespine) led me to start moving on your machine a lot more laterally and vigorously. As a result it finally got fun and fruitful in stimulating my mind and body.
PS: “Here in the USA, it is interesting that when spinal surgeons injure their lower backs, they mostly opt out of having surgeries for themselves!”

Elena, St Petersburg,

“I had backbone pain and neck pain for a long time, which in turn cause severe headaches.
I have spent a lot of time and money visiting chiropractics and exercise therapists, but had no long lasting result. 
I saw and tried the Freespine in London, and I liked it from the first trial session.
I bought the Freespine machine one year ago and started to use it 2 -3 times a day for 5-10 minutes only.   My back pain, neck pain and headache have gone within first month!
Further more, my back posture has straightened and spinal slouch disappeared!
Every time I use this machine I enjoy the sense of relaxation and rejuvenation of my backbone.”

Sheik Ajah, London

"I recently have had a back pain and suffered a lot. I went to the chiropractor, I had four treatments there. I felt better after that however my back pain started again. I searched online and saw spine machine Freespine. I went to the seller and try Freespine, I really liked it, I felt a good relief in my spine so I decided to buy it.  
At home I use it at least twice a day – about 2-3 times per 3-5 minutes in the morning and in the evening and several times on weekends. One month passed since I use it. My pain stopped, I can get back to work and I can do longer shifts now! I feel as my spine become more flexible and my posture straightens. My height increased for 1 centimetre within one month – this means that my spine starts to straighten. "

Eamonn Holmes

Good spine exerciser, I enjoy this original machine. Your joints are safe because there is no impact!  There is no pressure on your lower back! Smooth and easy total body workout and high body tone in short time!

Bob Lindsey, Innovation Specialist, Business Link in London

“The Freespine fitness machine has the great potential to be a world-wide “standard” item of sports equipment in every gymnasium and rehabilitation centre.”

Aivar Skrupskis, 42, London

I have got severe back pain due of herniated disc as result of overloading my spine in the gym.  My visits to chiropractors did not give me any relief. I started to use the Freespine fitness machine.  At the first training sessions I moved at the Freespine slowly within short and painless diapason of motions. From session to session the painless diapason of my motions was widened.  Within 4 weeks my back pain totally disappeared and I can bend my spine within its full diapason of motions without any pain. Now I regularly enjoy the Freespine fitness machine at home, keep my back flexible and strong and continue to pump the iron in the gym!

Emiliana Palau Bueno, St Albans

Director of Henartural Wellbeing Ltd., St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. My Testimonial about the Freespine.

My sports experience and good knowledge of my own body have helped me to assess the benefits of the Freespine.
I have run some half marathons (21.097 Km) and a few marathons (42.195 Km) that I managed to finish in 5 hours. Running long races may cause high stress on cartilage and ligaments of the knee joints, feet and backbone, as it is a high impact activity. I also do low impact outdoor activities, such as soft trekking nature reserves or in mountain areas (Pyrenees, Alps, National Parks of USA and Canada). In summer I like swimming and snowshoeing in winter.  At home I do some yoga and specific exercises for my backbone.
I tried the Freespine for the first time on 14th October 2012.
In the showroom, it was difficult to support the weight of my body using only my wrists in the handles; my back bent downwards because my spine was stressed and I had not done this kind of exercises before. Some weeks ago, before going to the show room, I experienced a painful herniated disc and at that time, I had a lot of tension in my back. Also despite my sports background, I did not control my persistent lordosis, so I really needed a holistic exerciser like the Freespine. The fascinating image of the cheetah in the Freespine advertising caught my eye as a perfect model for my back the first time I saw it.
Two weeks later, the Freespine arrived at my home.
When I am performing exercises it feels like cross country skiing as I can gallop on all fours, without risk of mechanical stress on my spinal column and joints. I can tone my flabby arms. I walk more upright and my tummy is flatter. I feel that my internal muscles are stronger after using Freespine. Now I can even do the Downward-Facing-Dog Yoga posture (Adho Mukha Svanasana), without difficulty and without lifting the heels from the floor, because the muscles from the ankle to the buttocks have been stretched. Interestingly, yoga is also inspired by nature and animals, like trees, lions, cats, etc. With FreeSpine I can work my internal muscles in other ways, at any time; fully dressed, in pyjamas or sports clothes. Finally, the Freespine is silent when in use, so it is easy and relaxing to use it anytime without disturbing anyone.

R.A. Kelsey, 73, Isle Of Wight

I’m writing to say how much I enjoy using this exerciser. The sensation of walking or swimming in the air is very pleasurable and, unlike some other training equipment I have used, with the Freespine machine I really look forward to my twice daily sessions.
Although designed to strengthen the muscles of the spine and lower back, (an area where many people have a weakness), I find the Freespine to be a very effective all round body toner which is actually fun to use.The cost of the Freespine may appear to be prohibitive, though you could spend as much on a long weekend break, which is soon over, but the Freespine and it’s benefits are with you for years to come.
Two years later...
...I can report that your Freespine fitness machine has fully solved my lower back problem and I now find: using it only 3 times weekly is enough to keep my backbone supple and out of trouble!

Betty Dalton, Edinburgh

It takes a lot of time to go to the fitness club when you have a busy lifestyle, but you have to keep in shape!
I searched for fitness machines for home in the internet but nothing fundamentally new have found: the same things with few variations from different manufacturers, all traditional machines mainly provide narrowly focused workout of legs with the spine in vertical position, keeping lower back pressured.
And when I found this unusual fitness machine in the internet I bought it immediately.
The Freespine looks huge on pictures, but when it was assembled at my home - it took about 1,5x1,5 meters only, the same space like treadmill.  But unlike treadmill it provides full body and spine workout, furthermore it works absolutely silent and smooth. No impact on joints, no knocking noise to disturb neighbors. It’s easy way to lose weight.  It works my buttocks and deep spinal muscles as well! I like it, it is the best machine I ever had!