I’m writing to say how much I enjoy using this exerciser. The sensation of walking or swimming in the air is very pleasurable and, unlike some other training equipment I have used, with the Freespine machine I really look forward to my twice daily sessions.
Although designed to strengthen the muscles of the spine and lower back, (an area where many people have a weakness), I find the Freespine to be a very effective all round body toner which is actually fun to use.The cost of the Freespine may appear to be prohibitive, though you could spend as much on a long weekend break, which is soon over, but the Freespine and it’s benefits are with you for years to come.
Two years later...
...I can report that your Freespine fitness machine has fully solved my lower back problem and I now find: using it only 3 times weekly is enough to keep my backbone supple and out of trouble!