Director of Henartural Wellbeing Ltd., St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. My Testimonial about the Freespine.

My sports experience and good knowledge of my own body have helped me to assess the benefits of the Freespine.
I have run some half marathons (21.097 Km) and a few marathons (42.195 Km) that I managed to finish in 5 hours. Running long races may cause high stress on cartilage and ligaments of the knee joints, feet and backbone, as it is a high impact activity. I also do low impact outdoor activities, such as soft trekking nature reserves or in mountain areas (Pyrenees, Alps, National Parks of USA and Canada). In summer I like swimming and snowshoeing in winter.  At home I do some yoga and specific exercises for my backbone.
I tried the Freespine for the first time on 14th October 2012.
In the showroom, it was difficult to support the weight of my body using only my wrists in the handles; my back bent downwards because my spine was stressed and I had not done this kind of exercises before. Some weeks ago, before going to the show room, I experienced a painful herniated disc and at that time, I had a lot of tension in my back. Also despite my sports background, I did not control my persistent lordosis, so I really needed a holistic exerciser like the Freespine. The fascinating image of the cheetah in the Freespine advertising caught my eye as a perfect model for my back the first time I saw it.
Two weeks later, the Freespine arrived at my home.
When I am performing exercises it feels like cross country skiing as I can gallop on all fours, without risk of mechanical stress on my spinal column and joints. I can tone my flabby arms. I walk more upright and my tummy is flatter. I feel that my internal muscles are stronger after using Freespine. Now I can even do the Downward-Facing-Dog Yoga posture (Adho Mukha Svanasana), without difficulty and without lifting the heels from the floor, because the muscles from the ankle to the buttocks have been stretched. Interestingly, yoga is also inspired by nature and animals, like trees, lions, cats, etc. With FreeSpine I can work my internal muscles in other ways, at any time; fully dressed, in pyjamas or sports clothes. Finally, the Freespine is silent when in use, so it is easy and relaxing to use it anytime without disturbing anyone.