It takes a lot of time to go to the fitness club when you have a busy lifestyle, but you have to keep in shape!
I searched for fitness machines for home in the internet but nothing fundamentally new have found: the same things with few variations from different manufacturers, all traditional machines mainly provide narrowly focused workout of legs with the spine in vertical position, keeping lower back pressured.
And when I found this unusual fitness machine in the internet I bought it immediately.
The Freespine looks huge on pictures, but when it was assembled at my home - it took about 1,5x1,5 meters only, the same space like treadmill.  But unlike treadmill it provides full body and spine workout, furthermore it works absolutely silent and smooth. No impact on joints, no knocking noise to disturb neighbors. It’s easy way to lose weight.  It works my buttocks and deep spinal muscles as well! I like it, it is the best machine I ever had!