Dr. Chervonaya, Klaipeda

We have found the Freespine as efficient fitness machine for prophylaxis and rehabilitation of the most common musculoskeletal-system problems.
Our practice shows: almost all our patients were able to use the Freespine from the first procedures regardless of the age, weight, fitness level and current problems.
We have good rehabilitation results. We are happy to have the Freespine in our clinic and I think this wonderful fitness machine for exercising the spinal column in the free horizontal position has a great future.

Bob Mitchell, London

The Freespine is quite different from the traditional fitness machines. But when I dare to buy it I have discovered a lot of pleasure exercising with this machine!  It is easy and fun! I have treadmill and bike, but now I hardly use them! I prefer to enjoy by exercising with the spine in horizontal position - it's like swimming in the air!  All your body muscles being worked! It's superb! There is nothing similar in fitness clubs!


Julie Makin, 53, Derbyshire:

I suffered severe back pain eight years. My back was injured in brutal attack by drunken youths with an iron bar in 2001. I had three months of physiotherapy at the clinic and that helped because they stretched me and massaged me, but once that course of treatment stopped, I was in agony again. Over the next seven years, as the pain got worse, I found I could walk less and less. If I sat down, it was hard to get up.
In January 2009, I bought the FREESPINE fitness machine and started building up the time I spend on it, working through two different exercises – one’s like running and another is like a walking movement. I went on it every morning and every evening and I started to notice a difference within about a month. Not only were my arms toning up and stronger, but my back hurt a lot less and I started to reduce my painkillers. Being suspended meant I could exercise as much as I liked with no stress on my spine.
The Freespine has dramatically changed my life. I can do long journeys by walk now and I can do lots more with the horses now. Getting back on a horse was wonderful. I’d recommend the Freespine fitness machine to anybody who wants to keep his back healthy, flexible and pain free. It is real Fitness Machine to get you Fit and Healthy!

Dipak Shah, London UK

I had intermittent pain in my lower left side of the back for over 10 years due to an accident with some furniture and I could not stand for long periods of time comfortably and also had a lot of aching when I woke up every morning. This pain used to subside when I was ‘up and running’ and would return when I was sleeping or sitting in an uncomfortable position. Thanks to your machine, I can say that the pain and discomfort that I used to experience is much less and I hardly have any problems when waking up in the morning. I can’t say that the problem has gone completely but I am sure that in a further six months to a year there will be a huge improvement. Wish you all the best with the launch of the machine as I think it has proved very useful for me and is an excellent innovation in the back therapy.


Alice Hart-Davis, 'Telegraph Weekend' February 28, 2009 "Suspended Exercise is The "IN" Thing

...the science behind the Freespine is sound. The spine moves more freely in a horizontal position, without the burden that gravity places on a normal, upright, stance. Research has shown that using the machine for just three minutes twice a day can help relieve aches and pains along the whole spinal column by flexing and extending the joints safely, and can restore balance to the spinal muscles (a huge benefit, given that our modern lifestyle, with its reliance on office chairs and car seats, means that few of us have balanced backs). So is it a good thing? Clearly. By all means, persuade your gym manager to invest in one.

Spine Exerciser Revolution

A new fitness machine called the Freespine (Spine Exerciser) is set to change the way we exercise forever. This revolutionary peace of equipment allows the user to imitate the "on-all-fours" walking and running motions, offering an excellent cardio workout, while also exercising the backbone and strengthening the core.  ...machine balances spinal muscles and increases backbone flexibility.


Hannah Storey, 'Health & Fitness'

For sports where one side of the body is worked more than the other, the Freespine is a useful way to correct spinal muscles balance. Kristoph Thompson, the personal trainer.
... I was uncertain about the impact on my backbone... until the next day. Every muscle in my back ached - a huge wake-up call as to how most exercisers neglect to work this area.  With only two different moves, it's not the most varied of workouts, but as a new piece of gym equipment goes, it's an ideal way to work a neglected muscle group.

Tech to save your spine", "ShortList"

Most scientists agree that our bodies weren’t designed to stand on two legs. To correct all those years of damage, pilot-inventor has designed a machine that emulates what life would be like if we still walked on all fours.
Freespine helps me to restore and keep my spinal muscles' balance, strength and tone. With Freespine I have improved quality of my life. My lower back is not affected now by any chair or pose that I sit in all day at my PC. And it does not matter now what mattresses I sleep on. Before I used Freespine a poor seat or mattress would give me lower back pain for days: now, nothing harms my strong lower back. I’m convinced - the Freespine could help many others who suffer lower back pain.