Do you want to:  
- Stretch & straighten your spine?  
- Improve your spinal column muscles balance?
- Decompress your vertebral discs?  
- Strengthen your backbone?
- Rid of your lower back pain?  
- Improve your spine flexibility & function of your spine?
Are you short on time to go to the gym?  
Do you prefer to workout entire your body within 5-10 minutes?
The FREESPINE is the ultimate solution for you!
Not one fitness machine can provide such list of fitness and health benefits
like Freespine does!


Total Body & Backbone fast Workout
Traditional fitness machines like elliptical trainers, fitness bikes, steppers, treadmills work out only part of your body and are mainly for leg muscles exercising. The breakthrough Freespine fitness machine gives you refreshing your body new pose and natural motions, engages whole your body by working all the main muscles groups simultaneously.   The heart rate climbs more quickly. You end up burning more calories and fat in less time.   When you are exercising on your fours with the Freespine your body muscles actually work as muscles biokinematic chains which are going across and around whole your body. This works your spinal column, rib cage, chest, shoulders, legs, arms and abdominal muscles at the same time. It is efficient all-round cross-training results for whole body. You can get a total body workout in as little as 10 minutes.
There is no other fitness equipment that simultaneously works so many muscle groups.
By engaging your body through two modes of movement you are squeezing, stretching and bending your backbone in 3 dimensions and your backbone is wriggling like a snake's back, thus you are working out all the spinal column muscles and joints and straightening your spine, chest and shoulders.
Aligning the Core Muscles' Imbalance
Clinical researches show a tendency of leveling up of the core muscles imbalance even after the first training session with the FREESPINE, and 5-7 sessions give significant improvement of the spinal muscles balance.
Decompressing the Vertebral Disks
After jogging session, after long time driving, riding or all day sitting down job. The Earth Gravitation constantly compresses our vertebral disks. Exercising with the FREESPINE you are cyclically squeezing and stretching your vertebral disks and this along with intensification of blood circulation decompresses your vertebral disks and helps to keep them elastic and keep your backbone flexible.
No Impact and Pain on your Joints
(lower back, knee, hip, vertebral joints) as you may experience when you are jogging or using the treadmill. The FREESPINE allows you to burn a similar number of calories as jogging, but without the risk of injury to the lower back, knees, hips, or ankles.
The FREESPINE may very well be one of the best choices for people who suffer from conditions that do not allow them full range of motion at their joints or they are not allowed to take a lot of impact on joints, and for individuals who are recovering from a joints injury.
Rib Cage Workout
With the Freespine you work out your rib cage as well. When you are performing running motions you are stretching the rib cage in the vertical plane and providing deep ventilation of lungs. When you are performing walking motions you are stretching and twisting the rib cage in the horizontal plane.
Restores Natural Coordination of arms and legs movements.
Exercise Diversity
Compared to bikes and treadmills which lock you into monotone forward motion the FREESPINE supplies greater diversity of motions and exercises with combination of two main modes of movement – running/galloping motions and walking motions.   Performing running motions you can make accent on working of thoracic or lumbar section of the spine. To add a little variation to walking mode you can make more intensely your torso's side bends.    By varying the distance between hand grips and feet supports, you can engage a wider range of muscles.
Swimming Effect
Exercising with the Freespine provides benefits for your spinal column identical to that of swimming. It's like your time saving mini swimming pool in your home or office - you can "swim" in the air any time without getting wet, and there is no skin irritating swimming pool chemicals.
Furthermore, the biokinetic fitness machine Freespine provides a better training effect compared to swimming:
Firstly, on the Freespine, the muscular corset of the spine works additionally  against gravity,
Secondly, the Freespine forcibly provides the coordination of movements of the limbs and the entire musculoskeletal system,
Thirdly, the biokinetic fitness machine has a dual action function and works out agonist muscles of the muscular corset of the spine and antagonist muscles, alternately loads, stretches and relaxes the anterior and posterior superficial and deep muscle lines (anatomical trains), which in turn provides effective strengthening of the core muscles of the spinal column and whole musculoskeletal system.
Full Freedom of Movements
The Freespine provides full freedom of motions: total body workout with the spine freely suspended on your fours is like free swimming or flying in midair - the sensation is very pleasurable! It's fun and easy! Relax and fly!
Reduced Rate of Perceived Exertion
With the Freespine workout you are actually exercising harder than you would normally perceive and burning more calories in less time, you feel as though it doesn't have to work as hard to achieve maximum cardiovascular benefits and your maximum exercise performance.
Cardio effect
The Freespine provides a heart rate and calorie burn comparable to jogging.
Individual Training Load 
For each user - it is the user's own weight.
10 min with the Freespine = 1 hour with the Pilates
Pilates works out your spine with a special set of equipment and exercises within 1-1.5 hours. Additionally, time consuming Pilates requires substantial instruction plus extra aerobic exercises should be added to get good overall cross-training result.
The Freespine actually provides all main exercises used in Pilates in one go: bends, stretches and twists the spinal column in 3 dimensions with the biokinematically advantageous pattern of exercises within the natural curvature of the spine and safe diapason of motions.
All in one fitness machine! - All in one go! Good all-round cross-training result for your spine and lower back in 10 - 15 minutes. The Freespine is the most intensive and time saving than any other well known exercise machine. It is very simple in use, safe and efficient machine.
Noise Free Operation
The Freespine machine is smooth and whisper-quiet in operation, so you can watch your TV while exercising or have a child sleeping in the next room. Unlike treadmills, there is absolutely no noise to disturb your neighbors.
Minimal Maintenance
The Freespine does not comprise any excessive and complex details, and its simple and functional construction makes the Freespine practically maintenance free.
Your lower back is where all your body movements and sport efforts are concentrated. About 20 percent of young sport enthusiasts develop some form of lower back problems.
Triple Benefit for Athletes:
  • Speedy and effective warming up of your entire core muscles and joints prior to any sport activity.
  • Works out and strengthens your lower back for heavy training load.
  • FREESPINE also is good fitness machine to relax your backbone and core muscles after hard training session.
Essential Benefits for Golf, Tennis & Cricket players
The tennis, golf, cricket involve a swinging action that works one side of the body more than the other and such asymmetric physical load on the core muscles cause the spinal muscles’ imbalance, poor posture and lower back pain.
However with the FREESPINE you can efficiently improve and keep your core muscles balance, prevent lower back pain and get rid of slouching.  Clinical tests reveal a tendency of levelling up the balance of the spinal column muscles even after the first single training session with the Freespine. 
What is more, the FREESPINE machine strengthens your arm, shoulder, chest and core muscles – for the perfect shot.
   tennis elbow pain                
Playing tennis and repeating the same motions again and again can overuse and damage the forearm muscles, which leads to inflammation and pain of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow - it is so called tennis elbow (golf elbow) disease.
The Frespine provides a good working out of the forearms muscles
and can effectively prevent golf or tennis elbow disease. 
Tennis elbow desease             golf elbow desease             golf elbow pain  
Benefits for Riders
     The horse riding causes significant stress to the spine and can      
     lead to the lower back problems.  Exercising with the  
     FREESPINE fitness machine before the horse riding session  
     warms up and strengthens the rider's backbone muscles and
     joints, this considerably reduces the likelihood of vertebral
     misalignments. Exercising with the FREESPINE after the riding
     session efficiently decompresses intervertebral disks, relaxes
     muscles strains, aligns backbone muscles balance, and takes
     off after-riding stress of the spinal column joints and muscles.
For Office Workers, Drivers, Pilots
    lower back problems    
..And others, who have whole day sitting down job. The FREESPINE is ultimate fitness machine for rapid rehabilitation from spinal tiredness, tensions and aches after long time sitting down. Its worth to keep the FREESPINE in the office - you always can find 3-5 minutes to rejuvenate and straighten you tired backbone and continue your job with new energy!